These steps will only focus on Mac Systems that were preinstalled with Max OS X lion.

  1. Reboot your Mac
  2. Hold Command + Option + R – This restarts the PC in Internet Recovery Mode.
    1. If you flash drive is not formatted in the Mac OS Extended (Journaled) format the install will fail.
    2. To format the flash drive, Select the Disk Utility. On the left panel select the Flash drive you wish to partition (Data is erased).
    3. Select the Mac OS Extended (Journaled) format and in options select the GUID partition table for your flash drive (call the partition Installer or anything relevant)
  3. Exit the disk Utility and select the Max OS Installer, the formatted disk should now be an option, select it and continue the process.
  4. The Software will be installed on the drive and your system restarted automatically.