The hour of the day, with 0-23 the valid values. The second is for the day of month, with 1-31 the valid values. The third is for the month, with 1-12 the valid values. The fourth is a specific day of the week, with 0-6 the valid values. The fields can be either single values, or comma separated. For example
#set the ORAchk daemon to run at 22 , of every week, on Saturday.:
./orachk -id DBA_PROF -set \
AUTORUN_FLAGS=-profile dba;\

Created notification_email for ID[DBA_PROF]
Created autorun_schedule for ID[DBA_PROF]
Created autorun_flags for ID[DBA_PROF]
Created collection_retention for ID[DBA_PROF]

#Review the configuration:
#Note: Each profile can be viewed individually by specifying the –id <ID> option.
$ ./orachk -get all

notification_email = alinafe.matenda@….com
autorun_schedule = 22 * * 6
autorun_flags = -profile dba
collection_retention = 30

#Finally Start the Daemon:

$ ./orachk -d start

CRS stack is running and CRS_HOME is not set. Do you want to set CRS_HOME to /u01/app/12.1.0/grid?[y/n][y]y

Checking ssh user equivalency settings on all nodes in cluster

Node d00 is configured for ssh user equivalency for oracle user

Searching for running databases . . . . .

. .
List of running databases registered in OCR
1. DB_Prod
3. None of above

Select databases from list for checking best practices. For multiple databases, select 1 for All or comma separated number like 1,2 etc [1-2][1].1
. . . .
Checking Status of Oracle Software Stack – Clusterware, ASM, RDBMS
Oracle Stack Status
Host Name CRS Installed RDBMS Installed CRS UP ASM UP RDBMS UP DB Instance Name
n01 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes NodeDB1
n00 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes NodeDB2
. . . . . .
173 of the included audit checks require root privileged data collection . If sudo is not configured or the root password is not available, audit checks which require root privileged data collection can be skipped.
1. Enter 1 if you will enter root password for each host when prompted
2. Enter 2 if you have sudo configured for oracle user to execute script
3. Enter 3 to skip the root privileged collections
4. Enter 4 to exit and work with the SA to configure sudo or to arrange for root access and run the tool later.

Please indicate your selection from one of the above options for root access[1-4][1]:- 1

Is root password same on all nodes?[y/n][y]y
Enter root password :-
Verifying root password.
. . .
orachk daemon is started with PID : 4415
Daemon log file location is : /home/oracle/orachk/orachk_daemon.log

tail -f /home/oracle/orachk/orachk_daemon.log

Sat May 21 21:29:10 2016 – orachk daemon is started with PID : 4415

$ ./orachk -get all

notification_email = alinafe.matenda@…
autorun_schedule = 22 * * 6
autorun_flags = -profile dba
collection_retention = 30

Email output (with an html attachment)

First run results
orachk_Nodenn_DBName_052116_220036.html System Health Score
System Health Score is 89 out of 100
Total checks                    :  161
Passed checks                   :  114
Failed(fail/warn/info/skip) checks:  47

#1. Determine the reports (old and new) to be used in the report comparison:
#Note: The example uses the output directories however; the HTML reports or output .zip files may also be used for the comparison feature.
$ ls -ald orachk_somefile01*
#drwxr-xr-x. 2 oracle oinstall 45056 Feb 8 12:38 orachk_somefile01_ORCL_020813_105850
#drwxr-xr-x. 2 oracle oinstall 45056 Feb 12 13:27 orachk_somefile01_ORCL_021213_131815
#2. For our report comparison we will use the Feb 8th report and the Feb 27th report:
$ ./orachk -diff orachk_somefile01_ORCL_020813_105850

$./orachk -d nextautorun

$ ./orachk –d stop

$./orachk –get AUTORUN_INTERVAL